Considerations for Buying a Safe Room Door

If safety rooms sound are only for high-rollers and celebrities, think again. Nowadays, these rooms have entered the mainstream, and prices are failing as demand increases from homeowners who are looking to make their homes safer. 

Definitely, your goal for having a safe room will tell you what type of safe room is right for you. If the plan is to have a safe spot for the family during a home invasion, pick an upstairs bedroom and use it. If you need to secure firearms or valuable, an underground bunker would be a great choice. If it’s a tornado or hurricane you’re getting ready for, you can pick a closet and reinforce it enough to be safe. View here now for more info.

No matter which part of your home you select, you should start with choosing a good safe room door. Besides, this is what usually stands between you and the threat. 

Instant Access 


If you have a very complex lock, an intruder can get to you while you’re trying to figure out how to get inside your safety room. So one of the things you should look for when buying a safe room door is a lock that lets you in easily. Of course, special technology will be required for this, such as biometrics. Keep in mind that in an emergency, speed is always of the essence. 


If you’ve invested money and time building a sturdy structure for your safety room, installing an inferior quality door will defeat your purpose. Careful selection is thus vital. There are so many methods of securing door locks but there are as many ways to get past them as well. Get a door with forced entry resistance certification. It may be good to start off with something basic, but you should be given an option to upgrade to a UL level 5 standard door, such as steel composite armor plating. Talk to a trusted company like Cornell Innovative Door Solutions to know what options you have. 

Vault-Style Lock Mechanism 

Pick a safety room door that uses a mechanical locking system like those that are used to secure massive bank vaults. This mechanical method gives unmatched protection to those who are inside it; a criminal will be unable to use any of your discreet entry methods. In addition, you will not be dependent on a power supply, which is probably not available in an invasion or any kind of emergency. 

More Tips 

There are several things you should ensure when setting up your safety room. Have a wired communication line installed, for instance, so you can maintain communication outside should you be unable to use your cell phone for whatever reason. Add in enough water and food and one or a number of wireless hidden cameras positioned in key areas around your home. Certainly, you also need a TV inside so you will be able to view stream. Find out ore here about safe room;

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